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Tech Hubs in the UK and Ireland

This report looks at the developer ecosystem in the UK and Ireland. It's the fourth publication in a series of reports that Stack Overflow has released this year. Previous editions have focused on the dominance of London's developer community - this time we look at other cities which power growth and innovation in technology. 

Preview of Key Findings:

  • Developer population has increased by 2% across the UK and Ireland

  • Edinburgh has seen a huge jump in Data Scientists (19%) since the launch of our Q2 report

  • 1/10th of Dublin's labour workforce are software developers 

Tech Trend Predictions for 2018

Need to grow and retain your technical team? This report takes a close look at tech trend predictions for 2018. Hear from industry experts about tech trends they expect to see as we enter the new year. Find out how you can successfully adapt to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

We spoke with experts from the retail industry, banking sector, property industry, and more. Companies include; Zoopla Property Group, Lloyds Banking Group, Just Eat, Arm, and Hays plc.

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The Developer Ecosystem reports

Stack Overflow has created a series of reports focused on the developer ecosystem of the UK and Ireland. Each report is designed to help businesses understand how to find and connect with tech talent in the best possible way. Discover all the reports

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