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In 2017, Stack Overflow ran the most comprehensive survey of the developer workforce to date, with more than 4,700 responses from developers across the UK & Ireland, and more than 64,000 responses globally.

The Developer Ecosystem: Tech Hiring Edition

We will share this data with you, each quarter, in four brand new reports. Use them to gain an unrivaled view of the availability of talent and upcoming technology trends across the region.

This first report focuses on tech hiring - how software engineers find jobs, what matters to them when considering a new position, and the tips they want to give to recruiters who are hiring their future colleagues. 

Preview Of Key Findings:

  • 970,185 developers live in the UK & Ireland 


  • 98.6% of software engineers are currently employed, and just 9.5% are actively job hunting


  • Commuting time is their top priority when considering a new job


  • JavaScript, Java and C# are the most sought-after skills by employers


  • Python, Java and .Net are the most commonly used technologies among developers
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The Developer Ecosystem: Tech Hiring Edition also features commentary by leading tech employers; TransferWise, ThoughtWorks and Ovo Energy, and from Code First:Girls, a non-profit organisation who deliver free education to young women across the region.


What if you could spend a day in a developer's shoes?

You could learn what attracts them to new job opportunities, what makes them respond to a recruiting email, and how their working style is different than other co-workers. While we can't wave a magic wand and make that happen for you, we can provide you with data to help you understand and recruit developers more effectively.

The Developer Ecosystem reports

Stack Overflow has created a series of reports focused on the developer ecosystem of the UK and Ireland. Each report is designed to help businesses understand how to find and connect with tech talent in the best possible way. Discover all the reports

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